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Thread: Another MTI off to trial

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    Default Another MTI off to trial

    A court-martial is set to begin today for a former Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland military training instructor accused of rape, forcible sodomy and having an unprofessional relationship with a basic trainee.

    Tech. Sgt. Marc L. Gayden of the 737th Training Support Squadron is the 26th MTI sent to court-martial in a basic training scandal that unfolded at the base in the summer of 2011. All but one was convicted; in that case, the judge ruled evidence was improperly seized during the investigation and withdrew the charges.

    Gayden is the third trainer accused of rape, a crime that carries up to life in prison in the military.

    A jury convicted ex-Staff Sgt. Luis Walker of rape a year ago. He is now serving a 20-year prison sentence. Former Staff Sgt. Eddy Soto was convicted of rape in March and sentenced to four years in prison. Both will be dishonorably discharged from the Air Force.

    The court-martial was scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. at Lackland

    Why such a huge range here? One gets 20 and the other gets 4? Weird.
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    Default Re: Another MTI off to trial

    Here you go...31 pages of Lackland fun...

    Of particular note, the female TI that was convicted to bumpin uglies with a trainee got three months and got to stay in... As far as I know, NO male TI that actually had sex with a trainee got to stay in...
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    Default Re: Another MTI off to trial

    Are there any TIs left at Lackland? Have they started "selecting" (it's not non-vol, unless you're the one having it done to you) TSgts who didn't volunteer for the job yet? Has anyone realized TSgts and MSgts have been court-martialed for this sh!t and making the minimum grade TSgt won't really fix anything? Has the person who came up with this brilliant sh!t fixed sexual assault yet?
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