I know there are incredibly talented, and capable people with little to no formal education, but when looking at the bio of the acting SECAF, I'm underwhelmed with his credentials.

Previous SECAFs have had PhDs in Aeronautincl Engineering, have led multi-national corporations, or served at senior levels of government for decades. In comparison, this kid (he's in his mid-40s) hopped from one job to another as a civilian (to include 1-yr as a CBS news associate producer and a 1-yr stint at 1-800Homecare.com ), before finally landing a government job? Even from then on, his experience seems paper thin, spending no more than a few years in any one Department before somehow landing the SECAF job.

Have we really come to this? The worlds most technically advanced military force being run by someone with no technical background, no formal education above a bachelors degree and with only 5-yrs of senior government service and experience??

Of course, AF policy will still insist that a CCAF degree or a Master's degree is mandatory for promotion for those of us without political connections in Washington.