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I literally (and I use "literally" in the literal sense, not in the metaphorical sense) dozed off a couple times during Black Panther. However, I've never been one who cares about the "art" of a TV, just as I've never been about the art of a song. In music, I like a good melody, memorable lyrics, etc. Basically, I like pop and am not ashamed. Same goes for film. I don't want to have to think deeply about, or interpret, the meaning of a movie. I want a song to make me tap my foot, and I want a movie that with big explosion and witty banter. If I had my choice, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson would win the best actor Oscar every year. Take that however you want to determine my credibility on the subject.

I like what I like, and am not going to try to become more "cultured" in order to be able to enjoy a boring movie.
I feel the same way about the whole "artistic content" approach to movie appreciation. I simply like to be entertained, and BP was for me. I agree with Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson, but I would also add Tom Cruise if you're looking for action stars....especially his MI series. I would also add Denzel Washington to the list, as far as actors who consistently put out quality movies.