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I enjoyed my time there quite a lot. I worked on ACC staff, so did not have all this dog and pony stuff....I worked 1/4 mile from the marina, so could bring my boat to work with me...get off work at 3:30, have the wife grab bait and meet me and we'd be on the water by 3:45. During the summer, it stays light to 10:00 pm, so we could get in a good day of fishing during the week...and we were out on the bay almost every weekend during the summer.

Also, Virginia is a nice location for day or weekend trips...D.C., NYC, Phil. Carolinas, Atlanta, etc. all reasonable drives.
Some day I hope to do an East Coast vacation. Closest I've been is staying at Norfolk NAS overnight as a stopover on my way to somewhere a little warmer. That's when I realized how great the quality of life stuff was in the AF, as the Navy dorm room had 3 beds in one room with zero space.