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Thread: Air Force does away with promotion test for senior NCOs

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    Air Force does away with promotion test for senior NCOs

    Airmen eligible for promotion to master sergeant, senior master sergeant or chief master sergeant will no longer be required to pass tests to earn those ranks. Promotion to the highest three Air Force enlisted ranks will now only include a promotion board score that looks at the last five years worth of evaluations and takes all awards and decorations under consideration, according to an Air Force statement released Monday. The changes are scheduled to take effect this September.
    “We found that removing the testing portion will eliminate any possibility that Airmen without the strongest leadership potential might test into promotion, while also ensuring that our strongest performers continue to earn the promotion they deserve,” Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright said in a statement
    Big change for the AF.

    I suppose it's a good one...we spend a lot of time studying those books. To me, the tests were a way of promoting those who wanted it more (by spending hours studying)....this new change should look more to the people whose records show them deserving of promotion. OTOH, a lot of the stuff we study like control roster, epr, personnel programs, etc. are really good to have SNCOs know about...without testing, I think a lot of this stuff might just not be learned.

    Like, hey, did know that you can request the commander to end a UIF early on your Airman for good behavior/performance? Stuff like won't come up day-to-day, but if you remember it from studying, it could come in handy.

    I've always been the book smart guy that scored high on tests...may never have made it if this were the system.
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