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Definitely not a perfect system, so I was just commenting on my personal experience when determining which one of my ratees was actually deserving vs a butt-kisser. I never gave my opinion on the test, and I have mixed feelings. Honestly, I think the only safe way to promote someone deserving is for the immediate leadership to have that ability to decide, based on feedback from the right Chiefs/officers who know the individual and who can gain an honest assessment. Unfortunately, promotions aren't decided on the local level (for various reasons). Words on a piece of paper for a board of strangers by itself isn't that fair either (bad vs good written EPR).
The sad thing is that the AF knows it's promotion system is screwy. Hell, it's been trying to fix it since the early 90s (and probably before that). I can't count how many changes there have been in the last 30 years, all supposedly improvements, yet still no closer than they were back then.