So where are we on the Trump Presidency?

No argument that DJT has remained true to himself and his candidacy, the anti-Barack Obama. He has not become "more Presidential", as was hoped and he stated he would do.

Economically: DJT presides over a strong economy with unemployment at its lowest rate for half a century, there is and should be some roll over from the Obama Administration (things don't happen overnight), but he does deserve credit. He did approve a tax cut, which arguably contributed to the national debt rising from $19T to $21.7T, anticipated to grow to $23T by the end of the year. He promised but has not moved on designating China a currency manipulator. He has increased oil and gas production in the US.

Border Security: There is no wall ... yet. Currently the government is shutdown over a standoff for $5.7B in funding for the wall.

Affordable Care Act / Obamacare: Largely remains intact with a federal judge recently declaring the ACA unconstitutional if the penalty is eliminated. That judge has issued a stay on the decision for now. If that decision stands, there is no legislative solution to replace the health care law (repeal AND replace). Polling suggests the ACA is more popular than it was in the past, specifically with people who previously opposed it; enrollment dipped less than 5 percent this year, even though there's no longer a tax penalty (fine) for people who go without insurance.

Infrastructure: No movement on a campaign promise to initiate a $1T infrastructure program.

Increase military spending: Done. Largely increased military spending across DoD.

Judicial reform: Probably his greatest & longest lasting accomplishment (one I think he should / could tout more often). 2 new SCOTUS Justices, 29 Circuit Court Justices. In DJT's third year in office, he is likely to have fewer positions to fill because he has already named judges for many of the vacancies he inherited from BHO. The long term impacts are a more conservative federal judiciary. If he gets another SCOTUS Justice, that will likely move the court from center-right to Conservative ... for a generation.