WASHINGTON — The Air Force removed three top commanders at Laughlin Air Force Base on Wednesday citing concerns about dangerous and threatening behavior at the major pilot training installation in Texas, the service’s Air Education and Training Command announced. The chief of AETC, Lt. Gen. Steven Kwast, fired Col. Charles Velino, the commander of the 47th Flying Training Wing, and the commanders of its operations group and flying training squadron citing “chronic leadership failures” raised in an investigation into widespread officer misconduct within the unit, according to an Air Force statement released Wednesday. The statement did not name the commanders of the operations group or the flying training squadron.

So, apparently, this had to do with drinking 'shots' and giving out pilot call signs....a normal practice, I guess. But one female pilot was given a 'vulgar' call sign that was inappropriate. The pilot did not complain about it or think it was a big deal...but somehow word got up and house was cleaned.

More to the story, I'm sure...there was also something about a threat being given to someone....no details on who threatened who or why.

Call signs should probably be somewhat professional since it actually follows the pilot through their career....I think it's a cool tradition, but always some knuckleheads will mess it up for everyone.