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Thread: 'Shove your priority boarding’ — Aussie vets call airline’s veteran benefit offer ‘to

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    'Shove your priority boarding’ — Aussie vets call airline’s veteran benefit offer ‘to

    The Australian government announced this past weekend that Virgin Australia airlines would be offering priority boarding — and in-flight acknowledgements of military service — to the nation’s veterans as part of a continued national effort to recognize those who served. But in a twist unfamiliar to their benefit-enjoying Yank brethren, Australians have collectively told the airline to, as renowned wordsmith Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say, take the offer, shine it up real nice, turn that sum’bitch sideways and stick it straight up Virgin’s candy ass.

    “It’s a very American thing to do," Mike Carlton, author and Australian military historian, told the New York Times. "We’re not quite as loud or noisy as that. Australians are a little more subtle.”

    But Mike, you’re thinking to yourself, how in heaven’s name will any Australian vets be smothered with enough face-melting thank-you-for-your-service gratitude if they don’t blatantly advertise their past by wearing nothing but military-themed graphic shirts, growing operator beards or driving oversized — or overcompensating, depending on perspective — trucks?

    “It’s just not in our nature to do stuff like that," Carlton told the Times. “Almost any veteran I can think of would be hideously embarrassed by being singled out like that. I’ve interviewed a lot of them for my books. ... They would hate the notoriety of being singled out.”
    Funny how they say that it's 'too American'...perhaps they see through all the flag-waving better than we do.

    ....But Australian vets are indicating that the trail being blazed is one leading to a factory of sadness, not joy....
    read more:

    Everybody loves the vets....

    Things that bug me about 'Honor the Vets' type PR stunts...

    1) When veterans or veteran dependents demand discounts, etc. It's fine to ask if they have some any...but don't throw a hissy fit if they don't, or the discount is only for the active duty, or only if the servicemember is there personally, etc...just appreciate it when it is offered, but don't expect it.

    Like I've seen a woman trying to rally up a boycott of a restaurant because they didn't give her, the spouse, a discount while her husband was deployed. Their policy was they only discount the active duty servicemembers, not retired, separated or dependents. I would have her just say, 'Thank you for doing that' and pay the full price.

    2) When the person's coincidental status as a veteran is used to stir outrage....i.e. Headline: Veteran denied a room at Super 8. or other such nonsense. Okay, so a guy got denied because he's 42 and doesn't have a credit card to put down...he was a veteran for a 3 year tour in 82-85...he wasn't denied because he was a veteran, and just cuz he was doesn't mean he gets to bypass all other policies...gimme a break.

    3) When people say 'No veteran should ever be homeless.' Really? So, everyone that's every done a single enlistment should be given a place to live for life? Sorry. Now, if the guy is disabled from military service and is entitled to benefits, that's great. But, not every veteran who ever served is entitled to not be homeless if that's what their life has come to...not any moreso than any other person. Would be great if we didn't have any homeless, sure.
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