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SO if in effect they can't do jack squat to stop this 'invasion' of illegal aliens. WHY THE HELL Bother send them?
As long as they stay 'non-violent', no ... not directly.

Why send them ... they can provide support to US Border Patrol, ICE and law enforcement ... but we can't do their jobs. Also: optics, rally the base, make a show to fire people up.

The crux here is similar to previous debates with Sandsjames: what should be done and what can be done based on our laws / regulations etc. What should be done (IMO) is great … but we are bound law. Use of the military for domestic law enforcement is the beginning of that path / slippery to a military state, something I am no fan of.

We are actually (statistically speaking) pretty good at preventing illegal entry to the US, we suck with our asylum laws / policies that are ambiguous and in some cases contradictory. Fixing this is a legislative issue ... fix the laws.