Well, since I feel I'm on a roll with questioning today's military decisions, I decided to spew my thoughts about the VA disability process and their questionable reparation math model.

I hope this will prepare some of our active duty service members for their military departure should they plan to apply for VA disability compensation.

This is the only organization I know where, i.e., 70%, 20%, and 10% do not add up to 100. Instead, their approach is taking the most severe disability--in this example the 70%--and then subtracting the remaining two disabilities from 30%... the remaining "ability" you still have (100%-70% disability = 30% ability remaining). The then take your next most severe disability and multiple and subtract that amount from your remaining ability determination. So, in this scenario, it would be 20% disability of 30% remaining ability (.20 times 30) and we get 6% which is the added to the 70% disability for a total of 76%. Now, we have 24% of our body able to function--or so the VA says. 10% of 24% (.10 times 24) is 2.4 so we are now 78.4% disabled but the VA will graciously and usually round this number up instead of down making you 78 or 79% disable.

Confusing? Yes and no. The reason: Of course, to save money! Using this math model, it is virtually impossible to receive a 100% rating therefore limiting VA payout.

While this may have an upside in terms of countering those that try to scam the system, it likewise suggests to the legitimate veteran that the more disabilities you have, the less debilitating they are.

In short, veterans (and soon-to-be veterans) be prepared for the VA. While it has drastically improved, there remains a lot of red tape that still needs to be removed.