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also, since Obama did tap a # of reporters, even having one's laptop hacked into during his admin, its NOT beyond reason to see him getting Trump tapped..
I searched that and it doesn't seem so clear cut that Sharyl Attkisson's laptop was hacked. She's the one who said that in a book and cites "security experts" yet none of them would respond when contacted by the media. Her description of what happened many experts stated that it sounded like just normal technical glitches with her computer and basic malware that anyone could get on their laptop. She very well could have just gone to a website or clicked on a link that installed the malware. Everyone has had their computer get a virus on it at some point I'm sure.

I haven't found any articles other than blogs that state phones were hacked. One article quotes James Rosen as saying no he was not 'tapped.' He even stated that he was investigated because he got classified material from a source in the State Department in 2010. They didn't charge him they investigated him because he had received that information from that person who was charged with espionage.