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    Rainmaker has to dress up for work, so he usually just carries a pocket knife, a .38 snub nose S&W, a power bar, an executive ice scraper, 2 X emergency water pouches, a zippo and a telescopic unbreakable umbrella....

    Also keep a Rucksack in the Truck with a takedown 10/22 and enough stuff if for some crazy reason we had to abandon the vehicle & hump it on foot back home.

    Now, If we make to there, Rainmaker'll channel his inner Patrick Swayze, & head into the swamps, to join up with the rest of the 'wolvereens' (standing by for Rainmaker to give the Execute Order launching 'OPERATION RED DAWN') to liberate surviving family members from Walmart Supercenter #2459 (resupply) and then force-march 80 miles east, where we'll seize FEMA Camp Florida- Avon Park, from Putin's Spetsnaz.
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