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I'm completely with you that, in this case, the General got screwed, literally and figuratively. I don't think either of these guys should have gotten in trouble. I stated so at the beginning of this argument. However, taking person A who fraternizes and has an unprofessional relationship and person B who uses his GTC at a strip club and lies about it, there is no doubt that the punishment for person A should be much stronger than person B...One offense (person A) can actually lead to something inappropriate happening and it could possibly impact the mission. Person B going to a strip club doesn't hurt anyone.
Debate ... not argument.

I think both should have been held accountable.

In the case of person A, he admitted to fraternization and adultery ... as a 3 and 4-star.

In the case of person B, he was removed from a 3-star job, 3-star is temporary if not reassigned to a 3-star job in 90 days, so he reverted to 2-star. Why the reduction for retirement to 1-star? Don't know ... if for the action as a 3-star it seems to be piling on.

I do suspect that in the case of person B, it was the false official statements more than the strip errrrr "dance" club. A simple lie, from someone in a special position of trust who is expected to be beyond reproach is a big deal.