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Thread: BYU USAF ROTC may move over coffee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bos Mutus View Post

    The ROTC CO is an active duty assignment, correct?

    Is it unreasonable to require someone to refrain from drinking coffee?

    Maybe...though we have rules about refraining from alcohol at some locations...but, seems like this should have been a screen-out element prior to assignment selection. "Are you willing to adhere to the BYU honor code which includes abstaining from caffeine?" Any "No" answer is disqualifying.

    But...the heck with them...I say go ahead and move it.
    I can agree, an Honor code is a good idea, as long as all adhere to it. BUT no caffine? And one can't have it when NOT at ROTC? Fut the whuk..

    I mean it would be like say Walmart telling its employees "To be healthier, there will be no use of Tobaaco products. NOT EVEN WHEN YOU are off shift and sitting at home".. To me that would be illegal of them do make that sort of rule.
    SURE i can understand them doing so when AT WORK, but not when off shift...
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