Brigham Young University requires all faculty, staff and students to sign an honor code which covers a multitude of things to include abstaining from coffee (even when not on campus). ROTC staff is considered faculty & staf fso they have to sign their honor code as well. The Air Force ROTC CO said he'd refrain from drinking coffee on campus but that he'd have coffee in his own home and wouldn't sign the honor code unless it allowed him to do so. BYU refused to allow such an amendment to their honor code.

What I got from reading the article is that as a result of BYU not certifying the Col as faculty (due to not agreeing to the schools honor code) the USAF is considering moving the unit from being located at BYU (Provo UT) to UVU (Orem UT) ... a distance of about 3 miles.

Currently the USAF ROTC unit has an agreement that includes students at UVU to participate in the ROTC program under the BYU Program / staff, this would flip that to UVU being the 'HQ', BYU being the 'det' (even though BYU has the larger proportion of ROTC cadets UVU has <30 and BYU has >120).

So, BYU may loose the program, but the students can still participate in the program. There are multiple universities that are in close proximity that share one ROTC program ... University of Idaho and Washington State come to mind, another is mentioned in the article.