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Thread: "We don't tip black people'?? Why only finding in BBC news?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
    King Day parade turns violent when 8 shot in Miami

    A national holiday celebrating nonviolence and Martin Luther King Jr. erupted into mayhem when eight people were shot at a park named after the slain civil rights leader.
    Saw that yesterday.. And i still can't understand how not ONE news site mentions the race of the perp??

    I disagree. A tip is an understood payment for service. It may not be legally enforceable, but it is some places, the wait staff make less than minimum wage in salary because of the expectation of tips.
    Which i find pure drill. Its in essence telling the customers "YOU pay the workers, its not my job"..

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    Quote Originally Posted by garhkal View Post
    Which i find pure drill. Its in essence telling the customers "YOU pay the workers, its not my job"..
    My mom was a server in a restaurant through all my time in HS, I eventually worked at a different restaurant owned by he same family across town and prior to wedded bliss, dated many a waitress. In most places, servers make less than minimum wage -- this can be good, can be bad.

    Servers are required to claim tips and report this data to their employer as a factor in their payroll withholding. While they are only paid by their employer $2.13 per hour, at a MINIMUM they have to claim enough to get their hourly wage for the week up to (federal) minimum wage ($7.25) -- enough in tips per hour worked to account for the $5.12 difference, which on some shifts may not work out, but over the course of a week, 2 weeks usually ends up in the servers favor. Every server I have known when it was all said and done made more than minimum wage -- none claimed all of their tips. Most varied their claims to make varying amounts above minimum wage ... to exact a number to get to minimum wage possibly triggering a review of their claims.

    While the custom of tipping in the US may be interpreted as "YOU pay the workers, its not my job". If we changed that and required the employer to pay minimum wage and discontinued tipping ... YOU likely would still pay the server, via higher costs of food and beverage to account for the higher business overhead.
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