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C'mon ... I have at least 250 square feet just for my books (real and comic) ...
You joke but there are many who would make that exact argument.

But really, it is time for all people to stop living above their means. Some people in the military do, many do not.
Take most E7 and below who live off base and tell them they are going to have to live on base in a house the size the military has determined is adequate for them...most are going to laugh in your face because they know that quarters they have off base FAR exceed the standard provided by base housing...a family with one child gets a 2 bedroom house...of base they are living in a 4 bedroom with fenced in yards for what the military is paying them...

Many people devote their whole lives to working hard; what they work hard at doing will likely have drastic differences in how they are compensated for their work though. If someone does the things they need to do to be a SNCO or Officer, promote through those ranks etc. I would not begrudge them the increased compensation that comes with it as opposed to someone to doesn't want to do those things.
I don't begrudge them, either...they will receive much higher base pay if BAH goes away and can then choose how expensive of a house they live in. Though your standard elitist comment (which you don't even recognize you made) makes it sound like only those who make SNCO or become officers have worked hard.

It is disingenuous to say "I never wanted to be an E7 (or Officer), so I didn't do what would have gotten me promoted", but hold it against those that do.
I don't hold it against them at all...Commanders need good "yes men" with a lot of stripes in order to get things done...

Probably so. I don't see a new system (single-pay or otherwise) effectively cutting anyone's total compensation package.
And Mil to Mil would be far better off because they'd both be getting equal compensation.