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I didn't get that he was saying they worked harder, but that they had worked hard ...
You wouldn't get that...that's the point.

I don't take that as a non-SNCO hasn't worked hard ... I think you did. I think at that point in a military career that someone is hitting the 20 year mark, they should be hitting squarely in the middle class area ... granted, some people at that point are going to retire as E6's, some as O5's. Being that I think our current total compensation packages (short of the E9, O9/O10 area) are just about right for the levels of responsibility etc. ... I don't see anything wrong with the O5 having a larger pension than the E6 ... that doesn't mean (no matter how you try to translate it) that I think the E6 didn't work hard nor earn their pension.[/QUOTE] O5 should DEFINITELY have a larger pension. I don't question that for a second.

Do you?
Yes, I do.

Sorry for so many typos ... was on the elliptical.
Ahhh...Post New Year's fitness kick?