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Thread: Yoga pants or old school running shorts?

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    Yoga pants or old school running shorts?

    Yesterday Rainmaker was working out in the base gym, when he noticed this pretty young lady wearing those old school running shorts, instead of the yoga pants that all the girls are wearing (where you can see the outline of their Y)

    This girl had legs like a throughbred and all the young guys walking around (with the too small shirts/ earbuds jammed in their heads) couldn't be bothered to turn off the cell phones long enough to even notice her.

    And It seemed obvious to Rainmaker, that she was probably getting dismayed, So decided to help her out by Striking up a conversation and paying her an old-fashioned 'compliment'.

    Anyhow, Rainmaker could tell that she had an ass like a shelf, under those shorts and told her that " even though yoga pants are great. I find your shorts refreshing, and in the end you'll stand a much better chance of finding a good provider, by leaving a little something to the imagination".

    But, instead of smiling and being flattered or offering me her phone number (like you would expect) .....she just had a Deer in the headlights look and dismissed it as if I was being an idiot.

    I'm starting to think that the Commander's right & We're really in a different generation. The society roles have been turned all upside down.

    And that brings me back to my original point: which do you guys like better..... Yoga pants or running shorts?
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