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Thread: NBC's Fake News King Brian Williams Launches Crusade Against "Fake News"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
    What isn't disputable is that someone got a hold of a lot of emails that were embarrassing for the DNC
    Does that make any of this stuff being reported "fake" news?

    The leaks were embarrassing for the DNC because (among other things) they revealed the collusion going on between Hillary Clinton, the so-called "legitimate" media and the DNC's efforts to rig the Democratic primary in Hillary's favor. It begs the question..... Where they also colluding to rig the general election in her favor, as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
    initial indications are that it was a Russian actor.
    That is disputable. Even John Bolton's suggesting it's a false-flag. See? He's now a "conspiracy theorist"!

    FWIW Rainmaker's SWAG, is that it's more than likely insider-leaks.

    Either way, the IC needs an enema. They're too concerned with feathering their own nests or CYA . The quality of their product is largely shit.

    We'll see whether or not General Flynn is successful (this time) with cleaning up that bureaucratic shit-show.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
    don't think 45 million people go to those sites every month because they think it is The Onion or another satire site.
    I think they're going to those sites because, It's billed as conservative news, opinion and commentary and they know that the legacy media is made up mostly of socialists shilling for the DNC, and they'd like to hear a differening perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
    Some people take those type of sites as legitimate news, probably most of those 45 million
    So, is your position then that Breitbart is not a "legitimate" news source and that 45 million people are all getting duped?

    If that's so, Then what sources would you consider to be legitimate?
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