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Maybe the person doing the measuring did. For the 85 foot discrepancy ... that small of a distance could be where on the course the individual measured (from the outside or inside of the turns etc.).
I don't know the procedures so much for measuring AF 1.5 mile tracks...for a USATF track, it's not only about the instrument, but about a trained person doing the measuring. Part of that training is determining the shortest possible legal route around the course.

Now, in USATF, the important factor is that the course is not too short....because that would invalidate Olympic qualifying times, U.S. and world records, etc. The tolerance is on the plus side, it can be a few feet long, but not short.

I would think that the AF course's it would be opposite...better to be a few feet short than a few feet long since we are wrecking people's livelihood's with the results.

Anyway, point being...hopefully the certification process involves not only accurate equipment, but trained personnel.

Good point, but in some cases again, my mentality on this comes from being in two services that allow a fudge factor on this. As a Marine, the run was "3 miles" (plus or minus a tenth of a mile) ... I am pretty sure I ran a few that were short, and a few that were long.
Well, a tolerance, sure. All measurements have a tolerance. There is no such thing as an exact measurement.

A tenth of a mile is a pretty far way...not sure what the Marine's did with that result, but they should try to do better.

I don't know what the AF tolerance is...but considering the ramifications, it should be pretty tight and err on going short if one had to choose.

I agree, figure out what went wrong, fix the problem. Go in with the mentality that you want to find who to blame and burn, few are likely to cooperate with you doing so.

If you find negligence fine ... if you find that something changed fine. At the same time, examine the folks who failed. Would an 85 foot or 360 foot shorter course have mattered? If you are talking a few seconds ... maybe ... if you are talking a minute ... no.
By accountability, I'm not necessarily saying someone has to be fired or UCMJ'd....but accountable can me they didn't do their due diligence and maybe that lack of attention to detail, which could potentially cost the AF six figures in legal settlements...maybe that could be mentioned on their evaluation.