We've got an issue with a black female student and her hair standards...the main problem being that all the white male NCOs who are supposed to have balls are afraid to correct her because "it will end up at MEO".

The AFI is so unclear on female hair as it is...this is what we have. She's wearing a hair band which leaves bulk coming out the back. It fits all the measurement requirements but does not present, IMO, a professional appearance because it's just frizz pointing up to the sky (again, within the 3 inch requirement). The AFI talks about standards for a bun, but not for loose hair.

I know the answer is usually "if it looks unprofessional it probably is" but my leadership doesn't seem to want to take that chance.

Does anybody know what the specifics are for hair in a hair tie, other than 3 inches of bulk and no wider than the head while allowing the wear of a hat?