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Thread: Grab Them By The P***y

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparks82 View Post
    LMAO - I definitely don't have daddy issues. My dad was and is the best dad in the world. He is a hard working, honest, caring man who took care of five kids. My youngest brother we found out isn't even biologically his and he still raised him as his own until my mom left and took him when he was 12. So how in the world do I have "daddy" issues? My dad was always present. He was there for all five of us. He worked two jobs at a point to take care of us. He supported us. Daddy issues are people who don't have dads around and are trying to fill that void. I don't have a void when it comes to my father. My four brothers are the outstanding fathers and husbands they are because of my dad.

    I know not everyone - man or woman - beats their spouses or significant others but some do. There are men who beat significant others and women who beat significant others whether heterosexual or homosexual relationship. There are men and women who get cheated on by their spouses or significant others. My dad isn't the only one who has ever been cheated on by a spouse. So I'm not even sure what either of those have to do with you calling me fat. Also I'm not "damaged goods." I don't have an eating disorder. The only time in my life I have ever been fat is when I was pregnant. I lost pretty much all of it within two weeks of giving birth and didn't even have to really try. I have never had an eating disorder and I never will.

    No misogynist, racist, sexist and so on are not empty words. You view them as empty words because you are an empty soul. You actually don't seem to have a soul. No 20 million of you don't exist and have not mastered a "coup." You do realize Trump is gonna lose in November right? In all actuality I am starting to think the theory that he only ran so Hillary could win is becoming more and more possible every day.

    Put your faith in that guy all you want. You aren't changing anything. Also I'm neither Republican or Democrat so I don't care if either political party dies honestly. Good riddance to them both.
    Methinks the fat lady doth protest too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
    Methinks the fat lady doth protest too much.
    Okay whatever. Go live in your cave. I know the truth. Not fat. No Daddy issues. (Daddy issues come up from those who have absentee fathers. I did not have such a father). Everyone has issues at some level. Yours are at an extremely sad, pathetic and sadistic level though. To each his or her own though. Have fun in your weird twisted little version of reality that doesn't exist and hopefully never does exist ever again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post

    Starting about 4:50, you can hear as she sarcastically laughs about "having an expert ready to come down from New York (with the girl's blood soaked underwear) to prevent this miscarriage of justice![laughter]"
    Finally got a chance to watch this.

    didn't see anything outrageous in that...yeah a little chuckling about how she worked the system as a lawyer cuz the other side goofed up.

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