“We exchanged vows in a colorful wedding a few weeks back, even though I highly suspected that my wife was already pregnant with another man’s baby, but I married her anyway.. My suspicions became true when we recently visited a family doctor for routine check ups.

The doctor said she was four months pregnant. My Christian values ensured that I and my wife did not engage in sexual activities before tying the knot, therefore cementing my belief that she cheated on me.

I have since been heartbroken because I feel that I was cheated into marriage. I am seriously contemplating opting out even after sacrificing time during courtship and spending on a costly wedding. Despite caring for my wife I cannot forgive her because there is no trust in our relationship.”
Ever overheard a young troop talk about a girl he's been dating for a week who wants to "wait" a certain number of months to have sex, and you couldn't help but to shake your head at how stupid he is?

I can't think of a better argument against homeschooling than this. The prospect of raising a cuck.