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We hear a lot about Radical Islamic Terrorists.

What is Radical Islam?...is it the same as regular Islam, only once someone does violence, they get called a radical...or is there a set of beliefs that tends to go along with radical Islam that is different than non-radical Islam? Are there Muslims that are radical in their beliefs that don't commit terrorism...or is the violence the thing that makes them classified as radical?
Most of what we call; radical Islam is offshoots of fundamentalist Wahhabism. with interpretations of the Koran that are often seen as bizarre to the majority of Muslims. That mixed up with anti-western politics and power-seeking thuggery, much like Christianity when it was the same age as Islam is now. By traditional standards the get called evil becasue too many of their core beliefs are in opposition to the Koran, the fact that they murder far more Muslims than any other group doesn't make them popular with a majority of Muslims either. Think of the various Inquisitions joining together as a political movement and you would get the Christian equivalent.