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United States[edit]

See also: Divorce in the United States
California was the first U.S. state to pass a no-fault divorce law. Its law was signed by Governor Ronald Reagan and came into effect on January 1, 1970.[18] New York was the last state to pass a no-fault divorce law; that law was passed in 2010.[19][20]
Before no-fault divorce was available, it was common for spouses seeking divorce to allege false grounds for divorce. Removing the incentive to perjury was one motivation for the no-fault movement.[18]
What the F.. So they passed a law for no fault divorces cause they KNEW people were perjuring themselves, and wanted to make it so they had no incentive to do so??
Why not just PUNISH the ones perjurying?

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Rainmaker figures lots of stuff that's bullshit...why change now.

Dividing military retirement is not about "supporting her for life", but rather splitting the portion of retirement earned during the marriage.. just so happens military retirement is a benefit that pays for life...and again, it's the states and courts that do it, not the USFSPA.
But how is she 'earning part of that retirement' especially if they divorced BEFORE the retirement comes into play (say at year 14 of a members service stint), or came into it way into his time in (say at year 12)?

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Assuming that the former spouse was 100% deadbeat ... that may be a reason for the court to consider not awarding them a portion of the retirement. However, a spouse who was a stay-at-home care giver to the family's kids for 5 or 10 years, doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. is far from a dead beat;
BUT how is working for 5-10 years, when the mil member had to work for 20 years, sometimes doing some really shitty service spots, 'her earning' part of his or her retirement??
THAT'S what i have never understood about this whole BS.
Especially when a GOOD chunk of the divorces i have seen in the mil, was cause wifey said to hubby (and very rarely hubby to wife) "IF YOU re-up for another 4 year stint i am divorcing your ass, taking the kids and you won't see them again." How is THAT showing she *or he* supported the service person?

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Morale killer, yes. Readiness issue, not sure. I am sure there are those who will decide to separate vice ANYTHING going to the former spouse ... not sure if those numbers are sufficient to call it a real readiness issue or not.
I certainly would call that a readiness issue, someone rather getting OUT, than stay in so he/she hits retirement after another 5-8 years, and then having to pay the leech 50% or so of the earned retirement.