Former spouses might get a smaller share of a military member's monthly retirement pay if Congress passes legislation that some are describing as a “radical rewrite” of the law regarding the division of marital assets when military couples divorce.
It would require state courts to award payments to ex-spouses of service members based on the rank and years of service at the time of divorce — not the rank and years of service at the time of retirement, as is currently the case. In some cases, it will mean the spouse will get a smaller share of the service member’s monthly retirement.

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Seems like more of a relatively minor tweak than a radical change...but could make a big difference for individual people for sure.

One quote

this proposal would cause great harm to spouses and former spouses going through separation and divorce, people that have sacrificed their careers and their own retirement, with the hope of sharing the military member’s final retired pay — or, upon divorce — of getting a fair share of that actual retired pay, not a benefit frozen in time for years before,” Sullivan said.

...Sullivan needs to remember that the former spouses 'sacrificing of their own careers and own retirement...' is also frozen at the time of divorce...why should they continue to gain benefit from the servicemembers future advancement...or conversely, be harmed by the servicemembers future misconduct?

I've long thought that the fairest way to divide military retirement would be devise some sort of actuarial table that converts rank/years to an approximate cash value and give the spouse half that amount and be done...let the servicemembers future advancement, lack thereof, or demotion, etc. be their's alone.