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I was thinking particularly of vintage comic books. There are plenty of sellers online but I just worry about reliability and authenticity etc. I think there is no better way to buy onine than on the recommendations of others which is why I asked. Better to go where others have had a good customer experience rather than take a chance. Especially with something like comic books. I did a bit of a search for vintage comic books for sale online and found a particularly good website based in Canada that syndicates the results from all other consumer and auction websites. Pretty neat. But I can't vouch for the reliability of the individual sellers on there. The reason I am so keen to start collecting is that my son has shown an interest in comics in recent months and I think collecting would be a great father/son hobby for us to take up. Does anybody else do this as a father/son team?
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Take a look at Facebook. There's a Comic Collector's "Buy/Sell" page that has a lot of stuff...and you can get some pretty good deals...or even trade.
It never occured to me to do a search on Facebook. Thanks for the tip sandsjames!

Here's the website I was referring to in Canada by the way: http://www.canada.for-sale.com/comic-books