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Thread: Lesbian Couple Adopts Young Boy And Forces Him To Be Homosexual

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    Poe's Law apparently has a low threshold when applied to you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparks82 View Post
    Freedom Outpost is a satirical site.
    Whenever I see a crazy story on these types of internet sites, I generally assume it's false (satire), mostly false, or grossly misinterpreted.

    Don't know about this story and don't care.

    That said, the so-called "satire sites" are getting a little that they spatter in real stories along with their completely made-up ones so people see stories they know are true and believe the site is somewhat legitimate.

    This means...just because a story is on a "satire site" doesn't necessarily mean it's false anymore...also doesn't mean it's true.

    My starting position is to assume it's false....and the term "satire" itself is grossly abused. Many of these sites have no interest in clever satire...they merely make up outrageous stories to gain clicks from people just itching to be outraged by what the "other side" is up to now.
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