OK.. When is enough going to be enough folks. Yet again we have a College/Uni wanting to limit speech, cause it might be micro-aggressing to certain folks...

As an example of what said 'form' that supposedly came from 2 of the staffers,
Can't say Happy Christmas now, cause it is offensive to non Christians
Can't say husband/wife, or Boyfriend/girlfriend in case its offensive to gender queer/non conformists (and transgenders)
Can't ask someone if they wish to go golfing on the weekend as its potentially offensive to the less 'economically well off, since golf is an expensive game supposedly'
Can't compliment a woman on her shoes, as that is offensive as it tells her 'you don't value her mind'..

It finally seems that enough is enough, now.. After outroar on social media, the UNC campus admins had to host a microaggression forum, where they removed an “Employee Forum” post that gave several examples of microaggressions against women, nonwhite people, LGBTQ individuals, those with disabilities and others.

It seems finally, people are having enough of this stupidity.

Initial posts on the UNC form..


And the following day's retraction from UNC..