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That's why they get paid more base pay. Nobody should be expected to live in the ghetto. The BAH should cover enough for a two bedroom house in a "safe" neighborhood. You want more rooms, or a better neighborhood? Come out of pocket...SNCOs make plenty of money in order to have a better home in a better neighborhood. That's one of the benefits of getting promoted, as it is in any job.

What isn't a necessity for the military to provide a MSgt with a 4 bedroom house in The Hamptons.

Again, my question is very simple. If more BAH is paid because RHIP then why isn't more BAS paid? Is a SNCO expected to eat Top Ramen like lower ranks are? The answer is also very simple. The military provides the basic necessity...anything extra comes out of pocket. That's how it should be.
You would actually need bigger payraises in the base pay to make those promotions worth it. However, that's not going to happen. The reason why a good chunk of the payraise is on the BAH side in the first place is because BAH is not calculated into retirement. Otherwise, there'd be no need for BAH, and it would be aborbed into base pay.