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Several here were recruiters and I'm sure they can tell of potential recruits that had fulfilled every requirement for commissioning, appointment or enlistment being denied due to some relatively minor medical condition.

And now the Goldman Sachs "advisor" pretending to be a SECDEF goes in front of the AFA class of 2016, and announces that we're going to take in these mentally unstable gender benders and the services can just work out any "practical issues" later.

That's the epitome of absurdity.

Yes they did and no I'm not mistaken.

The Russians went after both. We should just get out of the Destabilizing Sovereign country business altogether and let Tel-Aviv do their own fighting for a change.
What are you talking about? You still didn't say what absurdity homosexuals caused. Then are you talking about transgender people? Two different groups of people homosexuals and transgender people. I have no idea what your absurd comment is stating.

You are mistaken about Russia. Very much so.