ADM McRaven has written an editorial in support of RDML Losey (SeAL who was found to have violated whistlwblower protection laws then selected for promotion -- promotion later withdrawn by the Navy under pressure from Congress.

Tampa Tribune:

There is no argument that RDML Losey is a dedicated Officer who spent years in the service of our nation. Where I think ADM McRaven's editorial falls short is in the failure to address substantiated issues of RDML Losey taking retributive action against subordinates who were protected under whistleblower protection laws.

Whether the initial claims to the IG were true or not, the laws exist and are in place not to protect the types of people that can't wait for a bad commander to rotate or even those who actively try to remove him; the laws exist to protect military & civilians who raise real issues with the IG from reprisal.

No doubt that there are people who abuse the system, the IG system as well. The law nor Naval Regulations provide a method for a commander to hold them accountable. The Navy determined RDML Losey attempted to do just that ... Which is where this whole thing went south.

How would the situation be different had RDML Losey called his staff together after the initial findings were published and said "there was an allegation, this was the finding, fall out and carry out the plan of the day" and then moved along? Instead, a good Officer, a true warrior let anger and a sense of disloyalty in his subordinates lead him counter to the law.

I concur that the system can be stifling and can be abused by people who know it well. RDML Losey could have & should have used the same system vice taking action that was outside the law.

ADM McRaven raises good points, tying his thesis to RDML Losey takes away from that.