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    We all retired and moved on with our lives! It's a great feeling when you no longer have to choke down the Blue Kool-Aid, and can be yourself once again.
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    Dropped in to check out the forum since it's been at least several years since I've been on here, and was surprised to see a few of you old timers checking in as well. Really hated to see this place go down hill so quickly as it did. I used to enjoy popping in here daily to read up on the latest and greatest and vent a little from time to time. Plus, it seemed like most of the posters here were around my same TIS. The reason this place went downhill was the over zealous mod that came in here a few years ago, and ran everyone off. Hard to imagine the AFTs wanted that outcome since this place was once a treasure trove of knowledge and pulse of the AF for their own stories.

    Anyways, now-a-days, I think most are hanging out in the Air Force section of REDDIT. Although that crowd seems to be of the younger generation. There was a camaraderie that was once here that I miss sometimes.
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