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Thread: Woman's olympic soccer..

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    Woman's olympic soccer..

    Well, i just got done watching the US women's national team, demolish Puerto Rico 10-0.. With one gal (Dunn) getting 5 goals herself. Cause i had heard of a few instances of men getting 4 in a match, but couldn't remember if any guy had ever scored 5 in one match, i looked it up for the EPL, and there are 4 who have done so. So Ms Dunn is in hallowed halls in my eyes!

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    Soccer is the best thing in the world to a 5-year old. To their dad it is almost as good ... she runs for about 40 minutes straight ... worn out the rest of the day.
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    During high school, I injured my right leg, so that the position of center for the JV football team was decided for another guy to play, on the JV team. Since it was the JV team, and I was a sophomore, I decided to get onto the Varsity soccer team, instead. Being right handed and footed, I decided to go out for the left wing position, anyway, because there was still a bit of injury to be healed in my right leg.*

    I made it onto the varsity team, and I was given my first varsity jacket, as a sophomore, playing soccer. When I got to be a senior, and the JV team was created and playing for the first time at my high school, I joined on to the JV team, along with my twin brother, and another senior.

    I had already lettered in football, track, and soccer, I thought it would be kind of fun. Looking down at the tops of the opposing teams heads gave us an advantage. Heading the soccer ball became part of our strategy, since the opponents were much shorter than the front line.

    I was the left wing, and captain of the team. Right wing was my brother. Center was the other senior. We had played varsity in the previous years, and we were big, compared to the the other JV team members.

    We went through the senior year with both the JV and Varsity teams taking state championships.

    Why do that, one might ask?

    Why not do that?

    It wasn't as if we had to earn any more letters for our varsity jackets, anyhow. Kind of like the Marines going up against an army of paintballers, with rifles, artillery, aeroplanes, and ships.

    Was it fair? Well, there wasn't any rule saying that we couldn't do that. I don't know about now, however.

    That, plus the Varsity team was overfilled with great players. My school had played soccer for so many years. While I was in high school, the Varsity was playing against teams that were maybe playing for their first or second year with their soccer teams, sometimes. Back then, L.A. County wasn't exactly full up with experienced teams, as to soccer.

    As I recall, when I was a sophomore, we played repeat games, because there weren't enough teams to play each team once.

    When I turned senior, people began to support soccer teams. The game really began to take off, at that time.

    Was it a 'girly type' of game? Still not sure about that. One game, I did 16 slide tackles. Because I could. The same game, every time the opposing goalie got the ball and kicked it to midfield, I was there, heading it right back to him. Each time I did that, his second attempts were always throwing the soccer ball downfield.

    Why? Again, because I could.

    Now? I have no head impact injuries. I guess that back when we were kids, our heads were impact proof. Kind of. Maybe.

    Maybe not. My neck now measures out to 22 1/2 inches. Maybe that is because my nick is so large, from having my head driven into my shoulders a few times too many ...
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