To everybody in here, I have to leave here, for a reason that has been getting worse, over time. A while back, I was part of an experimental group that had surgery done to them, to try out a new bypass, to alleviate blocked arteries to the brain.

It never was brought out to the public, because that experimental surgery brought death to a number of patients. It brought on the destruction of my left temporal lobe.

My memory has slowly gotten worse, until now I can not anymore serve as an administrator in here. I am calling it quits, before the memory loss becomes so severe that the MTF becomes a place of really bad judgement, on my part.

I am going to become part of The Trump Movement. At least I can say, soon, that I can't remember anything that he ever said that was bad!

With a feeling of regret, I am saying goodbye to y'all.

Behave yourselves!