Sandman, if I were to say, "Sex? Icky!", I would be asexual, although the lack of a need to have sex with another person is just part of being asexual. No want or need for another person to share one's life with, other than a child, in this case, can be normal for some people.

I know that this sounds strange to you. It is very hard for most people that have a committed relationship to understand, or even to believe in, as being possible.

This elderly lady who lives across the street from is widowed. She has been that way for 20 years. She is glad that her husband passed away, because he was a wife beater. Nowadays, someone might run from such a scenario. A lot of them don't.

I see her 5 days a week, to help her do yoga. Drive her to the doctor's office. Cook meals for her, sometimes. I do her lawn, because truth be spoken, she is living on SS. Her house is paid off, but still, whatever we can do for her, we do. My wife helps out with other things.

For ten years, we have been doing this for her, because she is our neighbor, and she needs the help that we provide. Both Angie and my folks are dead, so, she is almost like Mom to us. Kinda sorta.

This 81 year old loves us for helping her. For being there for her. However, there is love, then there is love. Dorothy has not ever committed to a relationship with a man, since her husband died. Not for thinking that she is old, but thinking that she has dealt with a husband for all of her adult life, until he died, and she is glad not to have to count on another man to fulfill herself, to be her husband.

Dorothy is in pretty good shape. She knows that death is coming closer, every day, and she doesn't fear death. She is about as happy a person that I have ever met.

I guess that she can be called asexual, too.

Different strokes for different folks!