'The National Commission on the Future of the Army last week released its final report with more than 60 recommendations. Among them is that the military should once again permanently base tanks in Europe to offset Russian aggression and in South Korea for greater deterrence against its increasingly belligerent northern neighbor. It also pointed to a troubling absence of short-range air defense artillery in an army that hasn’t prioritized protecting itself against a foreign air force since the end of the Cold War but now operates in the same battle space where Syrian and Russian jets and bombers attack common targets in the Islamic State group. So the Army should also reassess those risks, the commission states.'

In short, the tactic of putting more ships out there, cutting off the Army in its need to be more heavily manned, the lack of support in Europe and Asia, which were Obama's try at fielding smaller teams, but basically leaving the Army short of its defensive roles ...

Y'all have to read the article to get it's full scope of the Army's needs vs. Obama's reality, which, while they seemed to look good for a peace time, are now seen to be his pipe dream on defending America and her allies.