Mabus sets the time out for Marine and Sailor women that claim maternity leave.

Marine Corps Times:

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Thursday a new force-wide policy granting women 12 weeks maternity leave, a controversial move that will roll back some services recent efforts to expand that benefit to 18 weeks.

The change is a surprising rebuke to the Navy. Last year, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus expanded maternity leave for sailors and Marines to 18 weeks, a milestone change from the longstanding policy of 6 weeks leave for women who have children.

For the Army and the Air Force, the policy change effectively doubles the current policy that grants six weeks maternity leave. Yet both of those services had signaled public support for the Navy's move and were considering a similar change...

Carter also announced a new force-wide policy for paternity leave, giving male service members 14 days of non-continuous time off after the birth or adoption of a child. That’s up from the current policy that gives men 10 days paternity leave.'