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Thread: Faith: Vice or Virtue?

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    Faith: Vice or Virtue?

    Agree with someone who has it in govt., the military, some celebrity, whoever...and you'll immediately be derided as "sheep" or "sheeple".."blindly following..." Not a compliment. Obviously, something no one wants to do.

    But, Faith, Hope Love...the greatest of these is supposedly a biblical virtue.

    Only when you have Faith in the correct thing, I suppose...which by very definition is believing in something or someone without necessarily the reason or proof to do so.

    Isn't it odd...the system of salvation is based on you believing in something when, by definition, you have no proof or reason to do so...In fact, the more simple and childlike your faith is, the greater the virtue.

    If you had good reason to believe, it's no longer faith...for even the demons believe and shutter.

    Yet...the same people who supposedly base their worldview on Faith, Hope, Love, these three...will be the first to criticize "blind faith"

    So, is faith only a virtue when you happen to pick the right thing to have faith in...with no reason whatsoever for picking it?

    Is tending toward faith as a general characteristic a vice or a virtue?

    Can anyone clear this up?
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