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...but, if that employer does scam you...then you are just a sucker, right? Or is having done the work without eventually gaining the promised reward still virtuous?
You do face the possibility of being scammed and not getting your money. It would suck, but it certainly doesn't make you the sucker. It makes the other person dishonest and criminal (depending on the arrangement). However, that doesn't mean that Faith is bad, it means that it was misplaced. Therefore you learn and grow, which is still a good thing. Additionally you have the reward of having done the work and done it right. If you didn't get what you were promised as a result, that's not a result of Faith being a bad principle.

The only alternative is to assume that being lazy is a virtue because you don't do anything.

The principle of Faith is still a good thing and virtuous. It gives rise to hope that things can and will be better. Lack of faith leads to despair. It's not coincidental that mankind (religious or otherwise) has defined faith as a positive aspect of ones life.