Steve Sarkisian sues USC for wrongful termination
According to the Los Angeles Times, Sarkisian filed a wrongfull termination lawsuit Monday on the basis that USC fired him instead of allowing him to seek treatment. Sarkisian was fired on Oct. 12 – a day after he took a leave of absence to pursue treatment for issues with alcohol.
Q. Are alcoholics covered by the ADA?

A. Yes. While a current illegal user of drugs is not protected by the ADA if an employer acts on the basis of such use, a person who currently uses alcohol is not automatically denied protection. An alcoholic is a person with a disability and is protected by the ADA if s/he is qualified to perform the essential functions of the job. An employer may be required to provide an accommodation to an alcoholic. However, an employer can discipline, discharge or deny employment to an alcoholic whose use of alcohol adversely affects job performance or conduct. An employer also may prohibit the use of alcohol in the workplace and can require that employees not be under the influence of alcohol.
"Alcoholism is a disease" is the popular refrain, we've all been taught...yet, many alcoholics have been disciplined, fired, arrested or other actions taken as result of their conduct under their disease."

Most of us realize that...voluntary intoxication is not a defense for criminal actions.

What about just poor form? I don't think Sarkisian has been accused of anything criminal...I know he was drunk and obnoxious at a fundraiser...heard there may have been other incidents, but not what they were.

Is alcoholism a legitimate disability?