Here's a study on brain damage, from using the more powerful kinds of marijuana:

And here's an article about the new shake and bake meth:

As to weed, I know a few dopers out here. It's hard not to know who does what in my little city. Those that favor doing some doobage, rather than being a tweaker, the difference is pretty obvious.

I have been here for almost 13 years. During those years, from what I have observed, the smokers, for the most part, are pretty much laid back individuals.

Those that choose to use meth are pretty much self destructive, and their physical appearances, over the past 13 years, have gone into a downslide. Their arms and faces look as if they have leprosy, from all of the tweaking that they do.

A few of the tweakers ended up in the 'residence' that I go to, to teach yoga. Their minds have certainly went from being normal, into paranoia, and in some cases, psychosis.

The rest of the meth addicts go to prison, as well as smokers. Out here, this town has a zero level of tolerance for any type of drug abuser, either smokers or methheads.

1st strike, probation. Second strike, prison.

The reefer guys usually get the message. Tweakers? Nope.

Getting smoke or getting meth are pretty much tied, for the users. It seems that getting into meth, for most, becomes their choice of getting high, just as blowing a j is the high of choice for the smokers.

There are a few crossovers, if their drug of choice is not available.

Coke users? For some reason, coke isn't used out here.

As to getting caught? The cops out here pull over a vehicle and find either bongs, and/or baggies of smoke. With the crank users, it is a bag, and/or a meth pipe. It seems that neither type of drug is that good at driving.

Why do they keep bongs or pipes, or the drugs in their cars? The only answer that I can come up with is that drugs make people stupid.