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Thread: Anonymous intends to unveil names of up to 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollyn01 View Post
    Wow, miss a little miss a lot. Anywho... @Rainmaker, when you're done playing a racist troll, you mind getting back to the bunker? Our disappearing rifle has gone missing. I checked all the workers but it seems like they were too high to pull it off. Also, your new annotations for an ICBM pointed at an "unnamed country" on the work order is a bit lacking. Just because I'm a Cav Scout doesn't mean I'm omnipotent, just nigh-omnipotent.
    @Rollyn01 been really busy wiff workin the campaign and jockeying for a delegate selection.

    It's been pretty much a non-stop party since we won on election day.

    Now that it's all over we'll be gettin back to the preps as soon as able.

    That is Unless of course Rainmaker get selected to some powerful political position for all the hard work he did getting The Donald "TM" elected as POTUS.

    Anyhow, Thanks for holdin it down, I owe ya man. Nomsayin?
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