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Thread: Asking questions of those using mobility scooters??

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    Absinthe Anecdote,

    I have heard from a confidential source, that 'undocumented aliens' are soon to replace all security guards within this country.

    For when we call the differing companies to get help with our computers, soon everybody in the USA must learn to speak Hindi, just as we have to learn to speak Spanish.

    We all need Hindi in our toolchest of the mind, to actually understand what these nice IT people are speaking about. If we don't learn to speak Spanish, soon we will all be handcuffed for snickering at the guard's sombrero, without being able to talk the guard out of beating us.

    Be sensitive, is what I am trying to stress here. How would you feel, if you had to spit shine your Tijuana Retreads every day, to comply with the securidad company's rules? I would think, pretty much exhausted and a bit put out.

    Ese, vato. It is what it is.

    I lived in Las Playas de Rosarito, in Baja California, for two years. My Espanol is pretty fragmented, but... just say "No tasio, hermano! Yo loveio tacos!"

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