Back on labor day last month, while on my security guard job at a Jo-Ann fabrics, i was asked by a female customer about our 'mobility scooter' that the store provides as a courtesy to customers. I informed her someone else had it, and had been in it for around 30 min so far if memory served me correctly.
She waited for around 20 min, then asked if i would inquire from the current user how much longer she would be.
I did just that, and reported back to the lady who asked me to inquire, that the current user cause they were having a lot of shopping to do, would just hold off and come back later.
This evening at work, the store manager showed me an Email from corporate, where that lady who gave UP the cart after my 'irritant questioning and hassling of her' had ranted to corporate and after getting no joy, supposedly took it to social media to rant about her 'abusive' treatment and feeling of being profiled (Cause though she only looked fat and not disabled, she supposedly is)..

No reprimands came my way, but the manager did inform me in future if something like that comes up, to refer it to one of the MODs (managers on duty), to handle it, rather than helping a customer directly. One of the 2 night MODs, also had to get ont he phone to chat to the lady in question (and her friend who was with her the night of the incident) to 'smooth things over'..
During that chat, the MOD mentioned the lady was inquiring about whether the store would be providing her with some sort of VIP coupon to 'compensate her for her suffering', which triggered the MODs' radar that something was hanky with the whole situation.

Now the lady who was 'supposedly offended by my act' has been in the store at least twice since that day, and has on both occasions spoken to me cordially. So if she was so offended, why didn't she bring it up to ME or the MOD? Was her attempt to take it to social media, an attempt to 'fleece' us?

Now in some of the convo's i have had with that lady since (on one of those 2 aforementioned days) as well as with a few other scooter users, it has been brought up that when someone IS physically disabled, they not only get a placard for their car, but in some states supposedly get a 'disability card'.. So should those scooters be held BY staff in stores and only issued to those who HAVE those cards (so the truly needy get them)??
Should stores HAVE them?
If someone is disabled enough to need one, shouldn't they have one of their own?