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Back when, after I retired, my cousin and I decided to take our horses into a bar, in Idaho. The sheriff of that town was not all that enthralled with our horses being in that bar. He did let them stay for a short while, then he told us not to take them back in. It was not so much the thought of a horse in a bar, but more to the fact that the bar was old, and he was afraid that the horse would break through the floor and end up in the basement.

I asked him if we could take one of our cows into the bar, and he kind of gave me the 'cowboys belong outside with their cows, you idiot' look. Since I really didn't want to ride outside of town to fetch a cow, I let that thought go.

People are just too picky, now. More picky than back then. But not that much.
So, a duck walks into a bar and orders a cream dementhe...