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There are no lemmings to follow. He has faced increasing opposition from within his own party. Much of which I think is unwarranted. He is resigning most likely to avoid the strife an internal fight for leadership would entail.

I think the GOP is their own worst enemy at this point. It reminds me of the election of 1992 when SNL was putting on skits about Dems drawing straws, the loser of which had to run against Bush Sr in light of the first Gulf War and then Clinton ends up winning.
There is a strong tide of lemmings top follow s as the Republican party charges headlong to the right. Icons like Reagan, Ike ,Goldwater and Dirkson have been replaced with loons and if alive to day would be called socialists and RINOs. The Cloth coat Republicans have been replace by red-neck Republicans trying to mimic the Know-nothing party of the 19th Century. When a party get that deeply into requiring ideological; purity it is in trouble, Just as the Democrats were in 1968.