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Once again I am amused and puzzled by your fractured view of history. There was hardly a overwhelming call by liberals (or anyone) to leave Afghanistan after the Battle of Tora Bora. There was a general feeling of despair at the failure to capture OBL but not anything like what you have intimated. In fact by 2006 (just in time for mid-term elections, imagine that) the overwhelming cry of the liberals (the Democrats) was that the war in Iraq was draining necessary resources from the more legitimate war in Afghanistan.

The fact that you say we (and I assume you mean the US and its allies) failed at Tora Bora shows the depth of you ignorance. The failure to capture OBL is of course correct. To label the entire campaign as a failure reveals the ignorance.

Tell me, is there, in your reality anything that a Democrat has ever said or done you don't agree with and conversely has there ever been anything a Republican has ever said and done which you do agree with? Rhetorical questions because quite frankly you are an unimaginative shrill akin to people like Rush Limbaugh but without the intelligence.

((just to keep in the spirit of your post I add these................))
Since you are clueless enought to confuse liberal and Democrat I won't bother answering your trolling. I think that many Democrats are corrupt and or clowns, Hilary for example, just less dangerous clowns that what the Republican party has to offer.